Setting Delivery Policies

What are Delivery Policies?

Delivery Policies are settings that will allow you to control the sending of notifications to the subscribing customers. This includes as to when and how these notifications are going to be sent. Let us check the steps below on how to set delivery polices and try to get to know more each of these settings.

1. Launch the app and go to Settings.

2. Click the Delivery Policies tab.

Step3. Modify the settings below:

  • Notifications Enabled button - Toggling this button to ON/OFF enables or disables sending of notification to the subscribing customer.
  • Minimum amount of inventory required to send a notification - This is the required minimum number of stocks available to trigger the sending of notification.
  • Notification Order - This is the order of which customers will get notified first. You get to choose which particular customers should be sent notifications first.
  • Delivery Interval - This is the interval of the notifications in case the first batch of restock is not sufficient for the entire number of customers.
  • For customers who request multiple units - This enables or disables the sending of notification to the customer when the number of items he ordered has been completed. 

Step4. Click Save Settings.

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