Modifying the Subscribe form

The Subscribe form is the pop-up form that appears each time a customer clicks on the Email me button on a product's page. This enables the customer to enter his email address so that the notification he is subscribing to will surely reach him as soon as his product becomes available.

Now, if you  want to modify the settings on the subscribe form and prefer to put in your own buttons and texts, you can do so! Just follow the easy steps below:

Step1. In the Settings tab of the app, click Subscribe Form.

Step2. Under Form Labels, enter the Header label that you want to use for this form in the field provided. In this example, we are using Notify me as soon as this product is in-stock.

Step3. In the Body Content field, enter your preferred body text. In this example, we use Subscribe to this product and receive a notification as soon as it's in-stock so you won't miss it!

Step4. In the Email Label field, enter the text that you want to appear as a guide to the customer to enter his email address. In this example, we use Enter your Email Address here.

Step5. In the Button Label field, enter the text that you want to appear in the button. In this example, we use Shoot me an email when it's available.

Step6. In the Footer Content field, enter the footer text of your preference. In this example,we retain the default text.

Step7. Under the Confirmation Messages section, enter the text you want for the Success message. In this example, we leave the default text.

Step8. Enter the text for an invalid email address entry. In this example, we use Enter a valid email address.

Step9. Enter a message for already registered email addresses. In this example, we use Enter another email address that has not been registered yet. Then click Save Settings.

Your Subscribe form will now look like this:

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