Modifying Email Settings

The email that your customer receives as a notification for restocked items will have a default template. It would look like this:

The good thing is, the email settings on the Lion Restock app is easy to modify according to your preference. In case you want to customize it because you have your own ideas of how it should look like, you can do it anytime! Let us look at the easy steps below:

Step1. Launch the app and go to Settings.

Step2. Under the General Settings section, you can modify the email subject as what you want it to appear on the customer's email. It has a default template that states [product_title] is now available from [shop_name]. In this example, we are changing it to Good News! You can now purchase your [product_title] from [shop_name]! 

Step3 . Enter the Header of the email you want in the field provided. In this example, we enter Finally, [product_title] is now here for you to purchase from [shop_name]!

Step4. In the Body section, choose the colors that you want for the headline, text, background, and link. Step5. Enter you preferred Image size, headline text, and context text in the field provided.

Step6. Choose a colors for the Buy button background and text, and enter the text that you prefer.

Step7. Choose the colors for the footer's text and link and enter the context text.

Step8. Click Save Settings.

Your email will now have the customized settings that you have set.

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